Cascades of Damajagua


Without doubt Puerto Plata is one of most complete (but the plus) of the tourist destinies of Dominican Republic.

One of the attractions that confirm it is the 28 cascades of Damajagua. What represents an alternative the tourism of adventure in Puerto Plata.

28 Cascades of Damajagua

One is 27 or 28 small cascades and its respective pools with a depth average of 7 meters. The adventure is in which it is due to raise through each cascade until number 27 and soon to return with nailed in each pool. Impressive truth.

I animate to them to visit Puerto Plata and not to let know this wonder natural, with crystalline and refrescantes and completely relaxing waters.

But... under no point of view it is happened to him to arrive until the jumps, without counting on the direction of guides prepared for such adventure.

In Damajagua there is a group of guides specially prepared and a human quality that will be very difficult to find him in other parts of the country.

In this place a corner exists where it is possible to be enjoyed the nature, living intimately the beauties and kindness on a space without equal, escaping of the cement of the cities and enjoying La Paz and silence of the forest, in combination with true adventures in vehicles 4 Xs 4, by circuits that cross it, but always without affecting its ecosystem.


Silver is to 10 kilometers of Port. She is one of the great wonders of this province. Damajagua is a geologic fault that in a place the waters form a tube of several kilometers of length, with parallel waterfalls over the eleven meters.

It is necessary to emphasize that these water jumps are within a property property of the Sención family. Lorenzo Sención  Nicholas Sención, Blas Sención and Felipe Sención. In the place there is a house where crafts and drinks are sold taken care of by Felix Andrés and Edwin.

The Jumps of Damajagua are located to ten kilometers of Puerto Plata in the community the Level ones of Perez, of the municipality of Imbert.

It is possible to be said that there are jumps of up to 13 meters of height.

The jumps are born in the head of the Bajabonico hill, crossing about 7 kilometers between mountains; by his beauty he is one of the places that we must in Dominican Republic to make adventure tourism.

Another version says that the Ventiocho Jumps forms by the reduction of the Damajagua river, that flows from the Northern Mountain range, in the proximities of the talent Friendship, of Puerto Plata.

They have 28 cracked of water which enjoy different elevation.  It is possible to be said that there are jumps of up to 13 meters of height.

There is a stream that is born in the hill of the Damajagua that belongs to Santiago, cannot be confused one with the other since it is to 22 kilometers to the West of hills of Bonico Loss. By the same course of the Damajagua river is the forecastle "the Saltadera", in a beautiful place with a formed natural lagoon in the place.

The Falls

The main fall has one more an altitude than 13 meters to observe is necessary it to make a camitata until the source the second fall is of about 10 meters and the third jump in the middle of the previous ones measures 10 to 5meters, the landscape is constituted by vegetation of type humid forest. The tourist equipment is varied and of good level.

The zone, is located to 3 or 2 kilometers before arriving at the town of Imbert. Their main attractiveness constitutes the water cascades that are come off a considerable height that forms a smooth water curtain.

This article ins an automatic translation of it original in spanish:  28 Saltos de Damajagua.  


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